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The lightbars are great!! Everybody can see me coming now!! I really like the way it’s got so many different flashing patterns on it, and they’re really effective, too.

Other lightbars in the same category have very ineffective flashing patterns, and are nowhere near as good. Because I spend so much time on the wrong side of the road on narrow roads, having effective visibility is really important to me.

The low profile design is great too, and it looks good on the top of my vehicle. It’s a really great lightbar.


NZ Post Rural Postie

(John purchased an AS3MB-A Amber Falcon Minibar)


"For some time I have been using the Falcon Lightbars and Delta strobe lights on our company vehicles. Being able to operate on 12 or 24 volts is a bonus.

I have been using other brands of lightbars, most are quite expensive and not all of them LED. I changed to the Falcon LED lightbar an found they are excellent lights; no need to keep the engine running to avoid battery drain - therefore saves money and having an engine idling all day.

The intensity of the light means they are great on a sunny day. Fitment is simple, and with the new generation light, changing the flash pattern is even simpler. I fitted the second one of these to a 12 tonne vibrating roller and it is still going strong, and I am continuing to replace others in our fleet with the Falcon LED mini lightbar, as they require them.

In the past I have tried strobe lights but I haven't been impressed with the intensity of the light, especially in bright daylight. So when the team at Adsafe told me about the Delta Star, I thought, "What a waste of time." They sent me one up to try; I hooked it up to a battery in the bright sunlight and was very impressed with it, and have totally changed my mind on them. I recently fitted two to the rear of one of our trucks that works on busy roads and the driver is extremely happy with them. He tells me as well that they are the best he has ever seen, and we have since fitted them to other vehicles that are prone to vibration, including loaders and tractors.

I have no hesitation to continue using the product as they are a 'fit-and-forget-unit' unless they actually get damaged somehow. The cost savings are brilliant with the engine not having to run all day, and the units themselves are cost-effective.

I certainly recommend them."

Steven Andrew
Workshop Manager


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